List of Tools

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All power tools are electric. We do not loan gas or air powered tools.

Blades, Bits, and Sandpaper

Blades: We provide standard blades/bits for

Compound Miter Saws & Circular Saws.

Blades: We do not provide blades/bits for

Jig Saws, Reciprocating Saws, Scroll Saws, and Band Saws

Demolition Hammers Bits: We provide Chipping Bits (Shovel, Bull-Point, Cold Chisel Bits)

Demolition Hammers Bits: We do not provide Drill Bits (for holes in concrete )

Dremel Bits: We do not provide these bits.

Drill Bits: We provide bits for

Drills (Wood/Metal up to 1")

Hole Saw Bits (Wood, plastic, steel up to 2-1/2")

Drill Bits: We do not provide blades/bits for

Concrete Drilling (Hammer Drills, Demolition Hammers)

Router Bits: We do not provide these bits.

Sandpaper: We typically do not provide sandpaper.

Shop Vac Filters: We provide

Standard Dust/Dirt Filters

Shop Vac Filters: We do not provide filters for:

Allergen, Fine Dust, and HEPA Filters

Staples: We do not provide staples for

Staple Guns & Hammer Tackers

String Trimmer Line: We provide .065 & .080 line

Angle Grinder: We do not provide bits.

All accessories that we do not provide can be purchased and most tool retailers.